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Our Story

Rhiannon Rives began in March 2019, as a healing outlet and desire to bring purpose, beauty, and light into the world following my younger brother's tragic death. Every pair sold gives back to the community in various ways, with a primary focus on suicide prevention. 

How it began, a story of loss and healing: 

In the Summer of 2018, my family was torn apart by the devastating suicide of my baby brother, Nicholas. Nick is the big hearted, deep, philosophical-minded, quirky, and sensitive soul that felt every thing for every one. He is and will always be my favorite person, and is forever missing from me. 


As I spent more time being with my grief, a desire to "do something" about that feeling of "helplessness" grew stronger.

I attended a local maker workshop where one of the crafts involved creating leather earrings from leftover scraps. I enjoyed the creative process so much, I paid extra to make one more pair. 

It was that one more pair, that bloomed into what Rhiannon Rives is now.

I purchased a box of leather scraps, pliers, and leather scissors and with a container of second-hand glass beads, "Rhiannon Rives" started. I began designing earrings for holiday gifts. Friends  loved their pairs, so when March approached bringing what would be my brother's 20th birthday, and our first birthday without him, I decided to honor his life through auctioning pairs of my pinched leaf beaded earrings for 100% donations to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I named these earrings brave trees, after the Cherokee Brave dogwood tree we planted for him.

And as they say, the rest is history. 

This space continues to be my outlet for healing through creation and a platform to raise awareness, uplifting community causes, fundraising, sharing our story, and honoring Nicholas' memory through the love and healing we aim to put out to others.

Thank you so very much for being here with me on this journey. I hope it brings you joy to know your purchase of my designs, not only support a small woman-owned business, but also create a ripple effect of positive change and beauty that is much needed in this world. 

I am excited to see where we grow, and the change we continue to BE.

 Mad Love, Rhiannon Rives